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Apr. 26th, 2006 @ 01:20 am
Clancy inexplicably croaked. At this point I'm just sort of resigned to being confused. All I can do is keep them in food and water and a decent tank environment. Mysterious crap like this is beyond me, and it's not like the world of biology is really interested in researching land hermits, so... *shrug*

Kinda cold in the tank right now, even with both heaters on. Weird weather today. Have microwaved two bottles of water and put them in there with a towel wrapped around the tank. This usually works.
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And then there were seven. Mar. 29th, 2006 @ 12:50 am
RIP Simone. I have no idea what happened. :(

Am doing emergency deep-clean on the 20 gallon just in case it was something contagious.


Everyone is wearing his or her shell, I think. El Vato has just undergone a successful molt and is sitting on the bottom of the 10 gallon waving his antennae. Garfunkel the Latter, who was recently also masquerading shell-less, put his shell back on and is now under the sand in the 10 gallon. He's the only one I'm not sure about - I can't see him from the tank bottom or anything. Spike the Large, Clancy the Pale, Garfunkel the Former, Franklin the Female, and Claude of the Little Round Shell are all happily exploring their shiny-clean 20 gallon abode, which will be mostly without toys until tomorrow night because I am freaking worn out. That is a BIG tank. I replaced all of the sand. So yes. For now they have their waters and food and, for emergency fun-having, the good old reliable half-log wood hunk.


And yes, in case you didn't catch that, the last little nameless crab now has a name. The guy I had been thinking of as "little round crab," because of the shape of his shell, is now Claude. After Monet. Not really sure why, it just seemed to fit.

No, I'm not kidding.

Shut up. I'm taking art history. ;P
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Mar. 14th, 2006 @ 12:32 am
The shell-less crab has disappeared from sight, but then, so has the appropriately-sized shell I left near him earlier, so... *crosses fingers*
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ACK. Mar. 13th, 2006 @ 05:20 pm
I have a crab running around shell-less again. I'm not even sure who it is. I moved everyone I could find, which is everybody minus one, into the ten gallon, because the shell-less one is mostly buried and I can't dig him out without risking his tender abdomen getting all scraped.

The first Garfunkel's shell has reappeared, but whoever's in it looks really pale. Clancy was trying on a different shell last night, so I sort of wonder whether he dug up Garfunkel and stole his shell. I'm not really sure what's been going on in there for the last 24 hours.

I think the shell-less one is digging in deeper. I do NOT want to have to dig up a dead, shell-less crab. *cries*

Speaking of the 10 gallon, El Vato finally came up today. Timely of him. *sigh* I don't know whether he's ready for company yet, but no choice, so he'll just have to deal.
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Mar. 12th, 2006 @ 12:23 pm
Simone has reappeared! Yay!
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» Horrible timing.
Franklin just tried to scale the front wall of the tank, and that crab is definitely female. Oh well. *sigh*
» News and names
El Vato is still sitting on the floor of the ISO doing, as far as I can see, nothing. I mean, he's moving a little, so he's not dead, but I can't tell whether he's molted or not.

Simone is in the Pepsi bottle and definitely looks like she's molted.

I haven't seen Garfunkel or the little nameless guy in the round shell for probably a week. I hope they're off calmly molting in separate corners instead of trying to eat each other. I'm not about to dig up the entire tank looking for them again. You're supposed to just leave buried crabs alone, and that's what I intend to do. *sigh*

Spike is just hanging around doing his Spike thing and being normal, yay.

Which brings me to this little pale guy in the white shell:

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and I've decided his name is Clancy. No idea why. It just is. Same reason the crab in the tiger shell:

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is Franklin. He just is.

The only crab I haven't mentioned yet is this one:

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and honestly, he looks so very much like Garfunkel that I think I might just call them the Garfunkels. I can't tell them apart unless they're sitting next to each other. I'm almost sure this one is the new guy, because he's more beige than blue, but I could be wrong. Maybe the one I haven't seen for a while is the new crab and this guy is the original Garfunkel. I can't really be sure. Big photo of Simone and Garfunkel I for reference.

So. El Vato, Spike, Simone, the two Garfunkels, Franklin, and Clancy. The little one in the round shell, the other one who is currently underground, I don't know yet. His name hasn't hit me like the others did. I swear they named themselves this time. Franklin and Clancy just sound like crab names.

I need to make more icons.

Here are a couple more random shots of Clancy and a Garfunkel hiding behind the driftwood:

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» Lots of news.
I did a deep-clean on both tanks late Monday night, and I just put all the "fun" stuff back in (the wooden toys were soaking in salt water and then drying). Everybody is ECSTATIC. In the 20 gallon are El Vato, Simone, Garfunkel, and the two nameless Es. Everyone hid in terror when I was messing around in there, but as soon as I "went away" and turned off most of the lights, four of the five came out and starting sniffing the air like crazy. El Vato and Simone went straight for the half log and Garfunkel and Pale Nameless made a beeline for the driftwood. I just checked again and all four are now cuddling up to the driftwood!

The other nameless E is just kind of crouching in the corner. Party Pooper. ;D

Also during the deep clean I finally put some empty shells in the 20, and the pale nameless E swapped his. Must've been pretty uncomfortable in the tiny one he came in. Es are not as fickle as PPs are about their shells.

Spike isn't in there because... HE MOLTED! Yay! I decided to risk digging him up during the deep clean since he's just been playing around in the sand for weeks and weeks, and he looked like he'd molted maybe a day or two before. I very carefully moved him into the Pepsi bottle, which is in the 10 gallon, along with...

TWO NEW Es!!!! My Valentine's Day present from my boyfriend. :D I'd say this puts the 20 gallon at its absolute max capacity, and even at that I would like to get my other second level put up in there before I move everyone in together. That's a lot of crabbies. I am a little concerned about these two new ones because they haven't moved much at all since we got them (also late Monday night), not even to eat or anything. This strikes as odd considering they were a pair of poor abused Walmart crabs. I plan to keep a close eye on both of them.
» (No Subject)
Two new Ecuadorians joined the family Sunday night. No names yet.

Hey. I just remembered I can have 3 more userpics. *contemplates*
» YAY!
Simone molted! She's only been down there for a few days! I'm glad I checked in on them tonight though because Spike was about to eat her. I sort of knew where she was because there was this little mound of fluffed-up sand, and tonight the mound was suddenly enormous so I figured he'd gone after her. I can always tell when someone molts in the main tank because Spike, not a recreational tunneler, suddenly decides to dig like his life depends on it.

Note to self: Leave new crabs in ISO for longer than I have been, because they always molt once they acclimate to life in a healthy environment. (Would you want to molt your exoskeleton while sitting in rough, sharp gravel and mucky water in a tiny plastic cup? Yeah, I didn't think so. Once they're taken home by someone who actually cares about them, it's time to get down to bizniz.)
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